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The calculators below will serve as a great guide when it comes to working on your numbers on:

- How much you think would be a comfortable mortgage repayment 

- What stamp duty will cost you when purchasing 

- Getting on top of your household budget

Please remember while we always encourage everyone to become as active as possible in the details and educate themselves as much as possible on their own financial decisions, all of the tools at hand are to be used in conjunction with the professional financial advice not instead of it. 


Budget planner Calculator 

We discuss budgeting and the importance in having a clear understanding of what is coming in and going out of your accounts. This calculator serves as a detailed addition to the basic budget spreadsheet in the book.


Stamp duty Calculator 

Stamp duty is going to be one of your biggest upfront costs when purchasing a property. Knowing how much you need to pay will depend greatly on the purchase price and the state or territory you're buying in. This calculator will give you a much better understanding of what costs are involved before you sit don with your broker. 


Loan repayment calculator 

Loan repayment calculators are great to give you a better idea of your potential budget, but should never be used to decide how much to spend. Always speak with your broker and financial adviser before making any financial choice. In the mena time use this calculator to play around with some mortgage amounts to see what their repayments are.



Every state and territory has different grants, programs & ways of helping first home buyers get into the market. Due to these grants changing around on a reasonably regular basis, we have added these links to help out and take you straight to the government websites with the most recent and updated information. We hope you're eligible for some free money! 

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Do you know how to workout a feasibility?  

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