What To Expect When Inspecting has been written for anyone wanting to understand a clear path to buying property, tricks selling agents use and how to side step them, as well as greatly increasing the chances of getting the property that's right for you. Buying a property does not have to be an intimidating or confusing process, the steps inside this book are outlined in a simple and easy to read fashion so anyone should be able to pick it up and feel comfortable buying a property. 


This book will show you:

  • an insider's guide to negotiation tricks selling agents use.
  • the tools to keep more money in your pocket when buying property.
  • the easiest and most effective templates to use when buying a property.

As well as so much more...



Written by Todd Sloan,  real estate agent, property investor & host of the Pizza & Property podcast. 


"I have written this book over 3 years, drawing on all of the positive and negative experiences I've been through as a real estate agent and property investor over the course of hundreds of property transactions. Every part of this book has been personally written by me, directly for you the everyday Aussie buyer that wants to understand what to expect when inspecting"

"I really hope you love the book and can't wait to see a picture of you standing in front of the SOLD sign of your new property, seriously send it through :) it really makes my day"

Todd Sloan


What to expect when expecting

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  • - Soft cover book

    - 170 pages 

    - Aprox 2 hour read